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Common Questions

Fairway Village dues are charged per resident annually and invoices are emailed to residents. Residents who do not have access to email can call the office for an invoice that will be mailed. Funds are used to pay for maintenance of the Clubhouse, Golf Course, Pool, parking lots, landscaping of Common Areas, Equipment, Taxes, Licensing and Utilities and Salaries.  Payments can be dropped off in the office, mailed in by check, or paid online via credit card.  They are due every year on January 1st.

Please call or email the HOA office for current annual dues rates.

360-256-6626 ext. 221

If a homeowner is altering the outside of the outside of their home, it affects the values of the homes around them.  They should read the governing documents (specifically the CC&Rs and Rules & Regs) and submit a Project Request Form to the CC&R committee. The Committee will review the planned project to make sure that it complies with the governing documents.

When are assessments due, what do they cover, and how should I pay?

What process should a homeowner follow when making changes to the outside of a Fairway Village home?

Homeowners in Fairway Village do not play for free, but they do receive a discount.  The revenue made from the course is used to maintain it.  If the course was private or the homeowners did not pay to play, the funds to maintain that area would have to be raised via homeowner assessments.  Additionally, The beauty of the course increases the property values of the surrounding homes immensely.

The Association allows two pets per home.  Dogs must be contained in a yard with a fence and walked on a leash, per local laws.  Owners are responsible for the clean-up and behavior of their pets at all times.

Do homeowners get to play golf for free?

What is the Association's policy on Pets?

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