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•At the workshop today, we discussed the correspondence the HOA has received from the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) relating to a permit for well water that we use to irrigate the golf course and some of the common area.  The DOE has instructed us to cease using this well water since no active permit exists to use the water. We know this issue will rightly cause great concern for the HOA membership as we use a large amount of water each year for irrigation.

What we have done:

·Followed the directives in the letter for timely acknowledgement

·Complied:  turned off the well water draws

·Made initial contact with our concerns to our attorney

·Engaged the service of a hydrologist from Pacific Groundwater Group for review of our situation

·We will pursue every option from mitigation to legal to retain the ability to use the well

·Follow up: we will have additional information soon.

Administrators Report

Jan. 15, 2021

Report given by the HOA Administrator at the monthly Board of Directors Meeting.

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