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Disclosure of Litigation


Dear Owners:

I am one of the attorneys representing your homeowners association.
This week, a lawsuit was filed against the Association and two of its board
members. The lawsuit alleges that the Association’s CC&Rs and rules
relating to political yard signs are illegal. In addition, the lawsuit requests
monetary damages and attorney fees.
I have forwarded the lawsuit and supporting documents to the
Association’s insurance company. I anticipate that the insurance
company will intervene and take over the defense of the Association in
the next 2-3 weeks.
Because of this lawsuit, it may become difficult for owners to sell or
refinance their home until the litigation has concluded. If you are in the
process of selling or refinancing your property, I encourage you to speak
to an attorney to determine your obligations to disclose the lawsuit.
If you would like a copy of the lawsuit, please read it below


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