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Clubhouse Reservations

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This is a members only clubhouse.  The spaces inside are available to residents for reservation for private events, club events or just getting together with Villager friends.  Find descriptions of the spaces below, as well as the terms of rental.


Besides the rental fee, a refundable proper use deposit will be collected.  Failure to comply with any of the below will result in deductions from your deposit.

  • Clubhouse spaces may be rented by members of Fairway Village HOA only.  The renting member must be present for the entire duration of the reservation.

  • Rental of an area includes that space only.  During your reservation, the rest of the clubhouse is still available to the rest of the HOA homeowners.  Thus, your reservation does not include usage of the pool, other rooms in the Clubhouse, or the furniture in other spaces.  Please restrict your guests to the rooms reserved on your contract., so that fellow residents may still comfortably enjoy the use of their clubhouse.

  • Set up and cleanup are the responsibility of the person reserving the space and must be included in the rental time.  This includes returning furniture to standard positions, wiping down surfaces, taking out trash and replacing liners.  The Clubhouse should be ready and beautiful for the next user when you leave.

  • Serving of alcohol is permitted, except to minors.

Rental fees and deposits must be paid within a week of making reservations or the space will be made available to someone else. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or a cancellation fee will be applied. Rooms must be cleaned and returned to original condition at the end of a gathering or deductions will be made from Proper Use Deposit Refund. Please read the sample reservation agreement below before submitting your request for a reservation time.

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