Project Applications

Redecorating your home can be an exciting prospect.  You moved to Fairway Village in part because you like a beautiful home.  It is only natural that you would want to move quickly to improve your space, inside or out. 

However, work done to the outside of homes affects the values of surrounding properties.  Fairway Village is so lovely because the residents agree as a community to follow the guidelines of the governing documents (CC&R’s and PIM). Please make sure to follow the process below when making changes.  The beauty and value of the neighborhood depend on the cooperation of its residents.

Please note, if you do not get permission to change something – before you change it – the HOA may require you to remove, repaint, or replace what you installed. Please fill out the application link and feel free to ask questions. Members of the CC&R Committee are dedicated volunteers and are available to help. You may also call the office with questions. We want you to have a successful project!

The Process



If your project does not fit the parameters of the governing documents, but you have extenuating circumstances and would like it reviewed by the Board of Directors, please file for a Variance below.   The Board will discuss it at their next monthly meeting.  Do not proceed with your project until after it has been approved.