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The Rules & Regulations Manual for Property Improvements and Maintenance (Rules & Regs)

The effective date of this Manual is December 13, 2023.


Revised June 28, 1989; February 19, 1992; September 16, 1992; August 21, 1996; November 20, 1996; September 10, 2004; June 20, 2007; October 18, 2016.

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Fairway Village Homeowners Association was established with a vision to ensure that our neighborhood community maintains excellence in standards and livability. This includes outside landscaping, exterior architectural changes, exterior painting, parking, and other aspects that contribute to the appeal of our community. These high standards are likely what attracted you to Fairway Village, and we take pride in maintaining them. It is because of these standards that our homes are in high demand and carry a strong market value. As a Fairway Village homeowner, you will receive a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Fairway Village (“the CC&Rs”), and Rules & Regulations (“R&R”), which contain detailed descriptions of the Fairway Village standards and the procedures for making changes to the exterior of your home, landscaping, and other related items. Any modifications to these items require review by the CC&R Committee before starting the work. The CC&R Committee is composed of volunteer neighbors who are familiar with the governing documents and can assist you with your application process if needed.


The R&R Manual's conditions and requirements are applicable to all residences in Fairway Village. However, the process of submitting project applications to the CC&R Committee, as described below, does not apply to individual condominium owners. Instead, condo owners should submit a project application to the Fairway View Condo Association CC&R Project Application. The Fairway View Condominium Association is responsible for submitting project applications for projects that affect more than one condominium or condo building.


          Set forth in this Manual (R&R’s) are those procedures, rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors for the purpose of guiding the CC&R Committee and Owners through the application and review process.

          This Manual establishes design standards for review of exterior remodeling, improvements, and landscaping of all single-family properties within Fairway Village. It explains and supports the property restrictions that bind each Owner as stated in the CC&Rs, as those restrictions are periodically updated or amended by vote of the owners.

          No amendment or change from previous editions of this Manual shall affect structures, improvements or landscaping approved prior to the adoption of this edition. This provision is called a “grandfather clause,” see CC&Rs at Section 2.3.1,  and prevents an owner from having to remove or alter previously approved projects because of changes made within this updated document.

Owning a home in Fairway Village includes your agreement to be bound by all CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations. As a Fairway Village resident, you need to become familiar with both the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations before beginning any changes to the exterior of your home or landscaping. These Rules & Regulations will guide you through the required application and approval process. Please keep this Manual in a handy place and refer to it whenever you want to make changes to the exterior of your home.


The effective date of this Manual is January 13, 2024.


Revised June 28, 1989; February 19, 1992; September 16, 1992; August 21, 1996; November 20, 1996; September 10, 2004; June 20, 2007; October 18, 2016, December 13, 2023

Section 1 - Role of the CC&R Committee

1.1 Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Committee shall be to review residents’ applications and decide whether applications comply with the CC&Rs and the R&R’s, are compatible with standards and aesthetics of the community, and merit approval or require denial of the project application at the request of the administrator. (A link will be added to the schedule of fines.)

Section 2 - Application Process

  • DECKS, FENCES OR COVERS: Replacing like-for-like, with no changes in size, color design, materials, or location.

  • GARAGE DOOR: Replacing a garage door with one the same size, style, color, and design.

  • PAINTING: Repainting house or trim with no color change. Review is needed for color changes. INTERIOR WORK that does not change the exterior of the house in any way (such as remodeling a room or adding tinted film to the inside of windows).

  • MAINTENANCE – LANDSCAPING: Replacing dead or overgrown shrubs, annual flowers, or other landscaping changes affecting less than 50% of the Lot that is visible from the street, Golf Course, or a common area. (Landscaped area measurement does not include the residence, driveway and/or sidewalk for the purposes of this calculation.) Removing aggressive or noxious plantings, as described in section 4.01 below, is not considered “landscaping changes.” If in doubt about whether review is needed, contact the CC&R Committee.

  • MAINTENANCE – PRUNING: Pruning of shrubs and trees to restore appropriate shape and size.

  • MAINTENANCE – DRIVEWAYS: Clear Sealcoat.

  • ROOF: Replacing an existing roof with one of similar color and material. Review is needed for color change or material change.

  • SATELLITE DISH: Installing a satellite dish 1 meter (39-3/8”) in diameter or less. It would be appreciated if the installer can place the dish in a discreet location, such as under the eaves, but it should be installed wherever it needs to be in order to provide the best reception, unless it is located in an area or in a manner that may cause legitimate safety concerns.

  • WINDOWS: Replacing windows (“like for like”) with no change in trim color or size.

  • SIDING: Repair or Replacing siding due to dry rot or other failure, as long as the new siding is the same style and color.

  • STORM DOOR OR SECURITY DOOR: Installing a storm door or security door. Refer to Section 3.14b Security Bars.

Section 3 - Structures

Owner's Responsibility to Check City Code

  • It is the Owner’s responsibility to check with the City of Vancouver regarding permits, setbacks and codes, and to ensure that contractors and workers clean up the site daily. Owners may check the licensing of a contractor at:  Verify a Contractor, Tradesperson or Business (

  • Setbacks: All structures shall be located within the setback requirements as specified by the Planned Unit Development Approval for Fairway Village. Clark County setback requirements were used when Fairway Village was developed and remain in force. See illustration, next page.

  • Utility Easements: Blanket utility easements for installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are found on the outer six feet of the front and rear boundary lines of all Lots (excluding Fairway View Condominiums). Owners are reminded that utility easements are permanent, and that no structure, planting or other improvement may be placed on a utility easement that may damage or interfere with the installation or maintenance of utilities. Any structure or planting may be removed by employees of a public utility in order to access the utility structures for maintenance.

  • Permits & Inspections: The Owner is responsible for obtaining and paying for any permits or inspections required by governmental entities.

  • It is the Owner’s responsibility to contact the City Code Compliance Officer for more information. You can request a complimentary on-site visit from the City of Vancouver’s Code Compliance Officer. 2023 telephone number for the City of Vancouver Building Permits is (360) 487-7800 and the City of Vancouver Code Compliance is (360) 487-7810 or email

Section 4 - Landscaping

4.01 Landscaping Design

All lots shall be landscaped in a manner that is harmonious and compatible with the overall landscaping requirements as noted in (Reference CC&Rs Sections 2.2 and 2.5.)

4.01(a) Aggressive garden plants such as, but not limited to, peppermint, spearmint, raspberries, and Chinese Lantern must be planted in containers to contain the spread of such plants. Noxious and invasive plants, as identified by the State of Washington, are not allowed. For a listing of prohibited noxious and invasive weeds, visit, the website of the Noxious Weed Control Board. Laws and administrative rules regarding noxious weeds include RCW 17.10 and WAC Chapter 16.750. Information from these sources is available at

Section 5 - Minimum Landscaping Requirements

5.01 General Considerations

It is the practice of the Association to encourage drought-resistant landscaping and landscaping that conserves limited water resources in keeping with the intent of RCW 64.38.057. All yard areas of Units that are exposed to public view shall be landscaped in a fashion that is harmonious with the community.


  • Lawn;

  • Artificial turf;

  • Trees or shrubs, decorative grasses, plants or planters;

  • Decorative rock or stone; or

  • Bark dust or mulch


  • New Installations of Red Lava Rock - See Section 4 of this document for additional information.

Section 6 - Conditions

PIM figure 3.2.jpg

6.01 Affecting Common Areas

Owners of Units may not disturb the surface of the Common Areas or use any portion of the Common Areas for storage. If a Common Area is disturbed or used by Owners during the course of a project, or if a Common Area is incorporated into the project, the Association may require that the Common Area be restored and/or cleaned up, and may charge the Owner the related costs, or take action to place a lien on the Owner’s property for the damage, after notice and an opportunity for a hearing.

Section 7 - Revision of Rules and Regulations Manual

The Board may amend the provisions and practices in this Manual, but the changes shall not become effective until Owners have been provided with a review period of not less than 30 days after the Board approves the changes. No amendment or change shall affect structures, improvements or landscaping approved prior to the adoption of the amendment or change. (Refer to CC&Rs Section 5 for the Association’s authority to remedy violations of rules and standards set forth in this Manual and the Committee’s decisions.)

Section 8 - Condominiums

This Manual applies to all properties within Fairway Village including the Fairway View Condominium Association, but not individual condominiums. The Fairway Village CC&R Committee reviews applications from the Board of Directors of Fairway View Condominiums for major landscaping and painting projects. Individual condominium Owners should review documents from the condominium association regarding procedures for applying for changes to their condominium.

Section 9 - Exhibits

Sample Project Application

Project Application.png
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