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Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedure 100-2

Disposition of Surplus Assets

Assets of value of $1,000.00 or more that are determined to be broken, obsolete or surplus should be disposed of in a fiscal manner at the direction of the Administrator.

Policy 100-7

Purchasing Policy and Procedures for Discretionary Expenses & Contracts

This policy and related procedures provides uniform practices for the purchase of goods and services by Fairway Village Homeowners Association.


Policy 200-1

Cash on Hand/Bank Deposits

This policy and related procedures provides Board Members and employees with standard guidelines to follow regarding storing, handling and depositing the Association funds taken into the HOA office and Golf shop.

Policy 300-1

Hiring Policy

This policy guides the hiring of Association.

Policy 500-2

This policy defines the optimal standards at which the pool will be maintained and that users must comply with the posted rules.

Policy 600-1


This policy is to provide guidelines for responding to requests for donations as well as proper accounting for donations offered to and accepted by the Association

Policy 100-3

Records Retention & Access

Policy outlining the type of documents the HOA will save and for how long, which records homeowners can request copies to and how they should do so.

Policy 100-9

Communications and Deportment Relating to the Official Business of the FVHOA Board of Directors

This policy is meant to provide a positive avenue for homeowners/residents to submit ideas, suggestions and concerns to the Board of Directors of the Fairway Village Homeowners Association.

Policy 200-2

Late Payment Fees

This policy outlines the steps the Board of Directors and administrative office staff follow when annual assessment payments are not made on time.

Policy 400-1

Golf Play Management

This policy sets forth the standards to be followed in order to provide Fairway Village Golf customers with an excellent golf experience while maintaining the quality of the course.

Policy 500-5

Appropriate Use of Resident Email Addresses

This policy defines the purposes for which resident email addresses can be employed.

Policy 700-1

Code of Ethics/Conduct for Board and Committee Members

This policy outlines standards of ethical behavior and appropriate conduct for Board and Committee members when acting on behalf of Fairway Village Homeowners Association.

Policy 100-5

Enforcement Policy

Policy defining the process for consistently, fairly and reasonably enforcing the Governing Documents of the HOA.

Policy 100-10

Work Environment

This policy and related procedures is meant to ensure that employees of the Association have a safe and healthy workplace, and a clear avenues to find support and assistance when they are being mistreated.

Policy 200-5

Accounting Policy 2014

This policy provides guidelines for the implementation of the accounting procedures by Fairway Village Homeowners Association.

Policy 500-1

Clubhouse Use

This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of homeowners using the Clubhouse. 

Policy 500-7

Reasonable Accommodation: Policy Regarding Exception to Associate Membership Requirement

This policy and the related procedure provide an exception for homeowners who require 24-hour medical care or live-in assistance with necessary tasks, by removing the required annual assessment for the caregiver.